Thursday, April 1, 2010

PHP - MySQL arrays

PHP is a glue for many web sites. It shapes the pages of the browser interface, and also accomplishes interactions with the database, when needed.

The grist of Web activities involve databases. What comes out of and goes into a database during a web transaction often requires additional manipulation. Many times, these processes require arrays. Suppose we're using MySQL as a database, calling a few records to compare with some user-entered data. Sometimes the data can be manipulated on the hosting database server. More often, data is retrieved as an array and needs to be managed after it has been extracted. For example, it might be extracted with a PHP command, manipulated, and then the database might subsequently be updated.

Manipulating arrays is a core and somewhat complex PHP activity. Except for the complexity of security, arrays play a role in the most complex PHP functions. As noted above, user-entered data might be arriving from the browser side at the same time that info from a database is being extracted. In such a case, three or more arrays, even if temporary, might be created with PHP. PHP would also accomplish the comparisons, increments, and so on, that would take place with these arrays. If one can understand and write scripts to manipulate arrays, a programmer can quickly learn less complicated PHP functions.

Here are some resources for learning array-related PHP skills:
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