Monday, March 29, 2010

Python - PHP - PostgreSQL - Android - C++

Links: Python GUI thread   wxPython tutorial

A lot to learn, but probably the only way to properly get to the point where I can catalog files. PHP first (web-based), Python next (desktop), PostgreSQL (desktop, but growing on web), and then step-up from Python to C++. C++ is apparently more efficient than Python, but takes deeper knowledge. I'm not fond of Java until its Run Time Environment becomes more refined and stable.

Python flavors
The issue with Python is apparently that, once one gets to a GUI level with it, there are two main flavors. One, TKinter is essentially Python using the TK/GTK libraries. wxPython has its own library set. It seems that wxPython is more on a growth path than the older Tkinter. I read one description that said so. So far, I've been happy with wxPython.

This does not seem problematic. It imports a module called psycopg2 which seems to have hooks for the DB. At this site, there is a simple tutorial about how to make the connection.

For programming, using arrays is the real.

Don't care, but have to learn it.

Difficult part is using arrays in best possible ways.

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