Saturday, February 6, 2016

[solved] mount some unknown usb

In the current era of systemd, some of our old friends like udevadm aren't independent apps, but are elements of systemd. We used to be able to identify cranky (eg, doesn't automount) usb items simply with udevadm -monitor. We'd # udevadm -monitor, plug in our usb item, and read the information. Then we could craft a suitable mount, or whatever.

Currently, we do our system monitor as:
# udevadm monitor --environment --udev
After plugging in, say a drive, Ctrl-C out of the new udevadm as quickly as possible since it floods the terminal history with polling updates. Then just scroll-up a bit to get the drive name, eg /dev/sdd. Create the appropriate mount.

A standard mount might be
# mount /dev/sdd -o rw /somefolder