Saturday, December 22, 2012

Browser - Adobe Flash

Links: Slackware Flash update :: Opera plug-in page

Like most reasonable people, I dislike Adobe's proprietary obsfucation. It's most oppressive in the Linux environment, where its intrusive modules don't interact well with Linux's more transparent libraries.

A recent Adobe Flash update1 screwed my Iceweasel installation and, ultimately, screwed a Zenwalk install which had previously been stable for 3 years. That is, immediately following a thorough update of (, including complete deletion of all prior versions, etc, the previously rock-solid Iceweasel intermittently crashed at Flash intensive sites. A new installation of FlashBlock did not stop the crashes. Reinstallation of all three applications did no better. I eventually had to move to ArchLinux from Zenwalk, due to these Adobe-related Flash crashes. In other words, I had to change my entire OS structure thanks to Adobe's pernicious licensing (closed-source software) issues -- they are impossible for average users to create an installation around.

1Pop-up windows demanding Adobe Flash Player updates began to appear in sponsored YouTube videos December 2012. Prior to this update ads could be bypassed. Following it, they could not. Thanks so much, Adobe.