Saturday, February 9, 2019

Nvidia sound muting and screen blanking

None of us with Linux appreciates Nvidia's complications, but avoiding their cards in systems becomes a part time job few have the time for, and so we occasionally are stuck with an Nvidia card or chip. A person then needs to prepare themselves for auto-muting Hell. Instead of starting full-force at the outset, Nvidia has done you the favor of ramping-up volume over a period of about 2 seconds. No problem? Imagine editing an audio or video file. You will literally pull your hair out when you play it back on another device and find there's 2 seconds of sounds you didn't account for... on every fucking track.

So far, I haven't solved this entirely, but there's information on initial audio setup from my earlier post, but there's more with specific respect to the automute.

Here, you will find no audio controls, although it is helpful to note how one's HDMI is interpreted by NVIDIA...
$ nvidia-settings
...and it may also reveal other things to work on, time permitting:
Heh, "registry". And you thought you were free from gratuitous security "features" unrelated to actual security. Not if you bring proprietary garbage into your Linux install. But that's another post.

screen blanking

You Have an Nvidia card. Want to resume from standby or hibernation? Hope not. Nope, a hard reboot and the 10 minutes to fsck the drive aftwerwards is your fate. Basically, the only solution is to leave systems with Nvidia cards on Linux running continuously, and shut off the monitor manually when I leave. And as for stopping the automatic hibernation itself, something also easily tweakable in /etc/xorg.conf? Nope, the only file in Arch which allowed me to control hibernation and standby, that wasn't overwritten during Arch updates was ~/.xinitrc:
$ nano .xinitrc
# b/c they can't be adjusted, turn them off
xset dpms 0 0 0
xset s off