Friday, April 30, 2010

C++ - Eclipse

Links: Short tutorial   C++ examples   Connecting C++ to MySQL   makefile tutorial   make manual  

Test-driving the Eclipse Java/C++ interface (IDE) as part of my continuing work on the Paperhater database solution. Previously, I thought a LAMP was the best idea, but the four layers of software make it challenging to focus on function. I intend to do a LAMP version as I gain PHP ability, but a C++ application needs to be accomplished to get basic functionality. One hitch...I don't know any C++.

Make (gcc)
Although this post is mostly about the Eclipse IDE, I will likely eventually rely on hand-made Makefiles for more fine-grained control. As an example, Paperhater needs to interface with MySQL. There are special compilation commands to allow code to interface with MySQL. These are unlikely to be managed by a generic IDE, unless it allows for customization.

This interface is a great thing. It's oriented around Java, but I don't want to write in Java until they solve the problems they seem to have with JRE in Linux environments. The C++ IDE (Eclipse calls it "CDT" C++ Development Tool) can be downloaded directly into Eclipse. This is just a plug-in for Eclipse, since Eclipse was designed for Java programming. But it's nearly as robust as the Java tool.

The CDT is Eclipse version specific. When I went to the CDT download page, it noted I would need the link specifically for my Eclipse release. I have Eclipse "Ganymeade" (aka version 3.4.1). I copied the link they provided for version 3.4.1,, to my clipboard.

With the link in my clipboard, I went to Eclipse and: Help->>Software Updates->>Available Updates. Select "New Sites" and put the link in there. Eclipse downloaded and configured the necessary CDT files once I pointed it to that link.

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