Monday, March 24, 2014

xdg-mime for media files

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After I upgrade a browser or install a new file manager, clicking on links opens an undesired application: a browser, mail client, etc. These have to do with MIME settings. There are two main MIME categories: 1) local HDD files, and 2) behavior when encountering remote files via a browser.

But locating MIME types and overseeing them has been kludgy. Recently, I located xdg-mime (probably one of "xdg-utils"). Xdg-mime can apparently operate across both root or user modes. Unless admin (root) locks them out, users can apparently create their own MIME approach. I'll post back on this once I determine the syntax and file location of the oversight file (mimetypes-file) but, at first glance, xdg-mime looks to be a central way to make changes.

manual changes

Before resorting to xdg-mime, it may be possible to determine which files contain "MimeType", since there may be ways to directly update these files. Caches contain a lot of this kind of syntax too, so it's good to clear caches before searching:
$ rm -r .cache/*
$ grep -rn MimeType

"desktop" files

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