Sunday, March 9, 2014

[solved] ti-89 OS update, tilp

Links: manpage (ubuntu site) :: connect to system :: OS update (v3.1) :: ti planet (hella fun)
OK, I have a list of implicit derivatives --- better check them before I submit them. Whip out the handy TI-89 Titanium and...WTF?! No impDer function. Great. Check the OS. Oh noes, version 3.0. Gonna be a long night.

download fun

Nothing came up in pacman. Nada. Accordingly, prepared myself to waste hours and hours and hours installing TiLP and pray I can update the OS once inside the calculator.

Download and unzip the libraries and get to work compiling all three of them. What could possibly go wrong compiling and installing 3 libraries? Hahahahaha. Hey, let's try yaourt.

compile, install libs

$ yaourt -Ss tilp

yaourt install

Using the yaourt install was still kind of a drag because of the compilation of the libraries. A lot of messages showed up suggesting edits to the install, but I figured any alterations I made could create subsequent errors I wouldn't have notes for, so I just let it compile.


Probably because I didn't make the alterations, I got some error messages, but everything seemed to work OK in spite of this. Except the OS update. For that, I shut down tilp, checked the calculator again to be sure it was "on", and started tilp in root. At that point, I just dragged the new OS from the computer directory over to the calculator directory and let off the mouse. The software update program began to run and even showed a % progress reading. Once it was done, turned off tilp, disconnected and restarted calculator. Voila, software version was 3.1 and impDer available.

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