Saturday, November 12, 2016

openshot-qt fickleness

I recently attended a wedding anniversary and downloaded openshot-qt soon after, from the Arch repository. Openshot didn't open on the first attempt, instead spawning some window errors. To be sure which version(s) of QT the package was compiled with, I ran ldd against it, but got the following (surpising1) result:
$ ldd /bin/openshot-qt
not a dynamic executable
I then went over to read-up on any idiosyncrasies about the installation, and noticed...
"bwaynej commented on 2016-09-26 02:37
openshot-qt depends on python-pip in order to run"
# pacman -S python-pip desktop-file-utils libopenshot python python-httplib2 python-pyqt5 qt5-webkit shared-mime-info
Most of these were re-installs. Thereafter, to determine where everything was placed:
$ pacman -Ql openshot


Went into yaourt and updated openshot-qt, during which I was queried for deleting the "conflicting" package openshot2. I authorized this and openshot-qt finally produced a display, albeit window errors continued.

1 for a presumably large application like a video editor. Eg, I would expect openshot-qt to be a ridiculously, possibly even unusably, massive app if compiled statically.
2 In spite of significant searching, I never found an installed or tarball version of openshot on my system -- the "conflict" warning was the only clue of interference from the old openshotpackage.

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