Friday, December 5, 2014

[solved] (kinda) magical cups disappearance

Edit: I eventually rebooted after the CUPS reinstall and ran
# systemctl list-unit-files |grep cups
This time, and I'm not sure why, CUPS units appeared. One unit was org.cups.cupsd.service. Of course! A more complicated name for the service... how could I not guess this? So now, instead of the simpler...
# systemctl start cups
...we now have the impossible to remember...
# systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service
...thanks a million, CUPS team. More keystrokes and slips of paper, perhaps that's the Linux legacy. At least this one is solved for now.

Edit 2: Evince not printing. Everything appears fine, but only blank pages result. Check it with a direct print. First command to get a list of the printer names, second command to directly print the file. In this case, suppose the name of the printer is "Foo", and the file to be printed is "somefile.pdf"...
# lpstat -p
# lp -d Foo somefile.pdf
If it prints this way, but not in Evince, it's got the f*cking bug.

I recently (12/5/2014) updated Arch and CUPS disappeared. It wasn't even there in the list of units. I ran...
# systemctl list-unit-files |grep -i cups
...which is just the CUPS scheduler, so no printers appeared. (The reason to use list-unit-files is it reveals any units, enabled or disabled). A check with
# pacman -Ss cups
showed cups was already installed. I reinstalled it, but still no appearance in the systemd list. Hmmm...

startup service

Then I recalled I'd made a custom startup service to remove the realtek module so it wouldn't continue sending errors. Could this be the problem?
# cat /etc/systemd/system/foostartup.service
Description=startup actions

ExecStart=/usr/bin/sleep 10s
ExecStart=/usr/bin/rmmod ums_realtek

But no, there was nothing in there which would effect CUPS.

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