Sunday, August 24, 2014

Brother HL-2275DW

Links: Arch instructions :: Brother Network Guide (PDF)
As always, handy commands:
# lpstat -o
# cancel -a
Cancel -a sometimes doesn't work. In that case, one must individually cancel each named printjob, eg "cancel Brother-001", "cancel Brother-002", etc.

USB connection (10 minutes)

Connect a known-good printer using a USB cable. Turn on the printer. Next, go to this Arch page which lists the connection steps. Here is an abbreviated version, but note there are a few problems in 2015:
  1. I have CUPS but a2ps is also needed: #pacman -S a2ps.
  2. Reboot (or use systemctlto make sure CUPS daemon loads and is running. If users have good knowledge of systemctl command, check CUPS with systemclt or simply run any CUPS command and see what happens, eg...
    $ lpstat -p
    lpstat: Bad file descriptor
    ...indicates CUPS is not yet running.
    # systemctl list-unit-files |grep -i "cups"
    org.cups.cupsd.path enabled
    cups-browsed.service disabled
    org.cups.cups-lpd@.service static
    org.cups.cupsd.service enabled
    org.cups.cups-lpd.socket disabled
    org.cups.cupsd.socket enabled
    The lpd-socket is disabled, because I'm not on a network. It's not necessary. For normal stand-alone usage in this kludge, I only need cupsd.service. So I disable any lpd (network) services, browsed services, etc.
    # systemctl disable org.cups.cups-lpd@service
    # systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service
    Now I can browse to the CUPS administration page (http://localhost:631). CUPS is running.
  3. $ yaourt brother-hl2270dw
  4. Navigate to CUPS: http://localhost:631.
  5. Click the Administration tab then click the Add Printer button. The username is "root" and the password is the root password of the user's computer. Follow the steps.

USB connection [fail version (4 hrs)]

I went to, typically helpful with Brothers, but this time filled with gobbledy gook and an empty PPD. The order of installation was supposed to be the printer and then the cupswrapper.
  1. Downloaded and unpacked the DEB's for the cupswrapper and the lprdriver. This was weird, since no "cupswrapper" is typically needed for a Brother, just a PPD.
  2. Found the PPD in the kludge of unpacked folders, rooted up and copied the PPD as /usr/share/cups/model/brother.ppd, then chowned it to 0:0 and chmodded it to 755
  3. # lpadmin -p Brother -E -v usb:/dev/usb/lp0 -m brother.ppd
  4. restarted CUPS and attempted to print. At first it looked promising, but then it exited, unable to locate the file, "/usr/lib/cups/filter/brother_lpdwrapper_BrGenML1". That file was in the unpacked kludge and I copied it to /usr/lib/cups/filter/, and chowned it to 0:0. Restarted CUPS and tried another print but received "waiting for printer to become available" status message.
  5. Verified the "Brother" entry generated during installation in /etc/cups/printers.conf looked normal. No obvious problems.
  6. Forced a testprint... cat /etc/printcap |lp -d Brother. Not working, so lpadmin -x Brother

WiFi connection


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