Monday, January 6, 2014

[solved] zotero consistency - standalone w/browsers

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After an update to Chromium, and using standalone Zotero, I no longer had Zotero icons in the URLbar at book and article sites. What a pisser --- it looks like yet another "one of those things" on the long list of problems we all face during updates. I wish I were a database designer so I didn't have to rely on database products (eg. Zotero), but that's life.


It appears the new disconnect between the browser and Zotero is a "translation" issue. I went to the Zotero site and downloaded the Chromium extension "Zotero Connector" and, voila, my URLbar icons for documents reappeared.

citation backup - zotero

Some of us forget where we installed the data directory when we installed Zotero originally. Open Zotero then note the "Show Data Directory" button (Edit-> Preferences -> Files and Folders) which points to it. The best backup is to copy the "zotero" folder with all subdirectories (eg., "storage").

bare bones

In a pinch, copy the file and subdirectory:
  • zotero.sqlite
  • "storage" subdirectory
With these, use a file manager to overwrite the vanilla versions of these after a vanilla install.


If I only have the database, without storage, I'd have to reenter all the notes and so forth, but I'd at least have my titles and authors. Overwriting an entire install's "storage" directory and zotero sqlite is a complete restoration.

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