Thursday, December 12, 2013

yaourt - tarball installation

Most like to use yaourt and it's typically easy to install it from the French repo. But documentation is lacking if it has to be installed from the tarball.

the repo site...

Append these lines to /etc/pacman.conf, and then request pacman to retrieve yaourt...
# nano /etc/pacman.conf
SigLevel = Never
Server =$arch

# pacman -Sy yaourt

...but some require the tarball

It appears the method above is the common install method, since I could find very little good information for those forced to use the tarball (eg, on my friend's system). Here is the official page which was little help, and here is the only site with details I could follow nearly verbatim.

packagebuild note

Installing yaourt uses packagebuild. The sites I found describing packagebuild, were adamant about running it as a user and it even has a warning prompt inside the program. They say it will ask you for authentication at the right time, blah blah blah. This cost me a lot of time. Permissions are a critical step in Linux, as we all know and I found that packagebuild did not prompt me in a helpful way for authentication. In my view, it's much better to manually level up or down manually when using packagebuild, the same way we we do with "make" and "make install".

what worked

Here is what (finally) worked:

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