Friday, January 13, 2012

Slackware - mp3 tags, editing

In the past, I've exclusively used the editor EasyTag, but I'm always looking for a faster approach when doing computer projects. I'm not the CS guy who can write scripts so, as a simple enthusiast, sometimes faster turns-out to be a GUI approach, other times command line. So, when I heard about eyeD3, I thought I'd give it a whirl.


Standard, configure --prefix=/usr, make, make install. It likes to have python-magic for full functionality. Check the system by searching for libmagic:
$ find -name libmagic*
The only thing I'll say about this program is it unfortunately, on its own, without being requested, adds a TXXX file that notes the latest time the tag was changed. That's useless and just takes up space.


This project will apparently make playlists based on BPM or other criteria.

bpm detection

EyeD3 has a bpm tag command, so it's all good, but I couldn't find a true linx BPM detector. I eventually went after Abyssmedia's BPM Counter to run it under Wine. This is supposed to be accurate. It probably is but I was getting all kinds of Wine stub errors so i couldn't really use it without tweaking Wine. Accordingly, just reverted to the manual browser-based Salsa City applet. Just hit space bar, for instance.

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