Sunday, January 31, 2010

logo - gimp

There's a great site for a tutorial, but the steps are a little vague. Here's how I did it.

1) Made some garbage logo and saved it as a png
2) Duplicated the layer
   Layer > Duplicate Layer
3) Opened the stack viewer so I could move layers up and down
   Windows > Dockable Dialogs > Layers
4) Highlighted the duplicate in the stack, ran a Gaussian blur about "5"
   Filters > Blur > Gaussian
5) Made a new layer, colored white
   Layer > New Layer > (check white)
6) Put a vertical gradient on the new layer (white to blue looks cool)
7) In the stack viewer, moved the blue layer to top, above the blurred Gaussian.
8) Bumpmapped the blurred layer into the blue layer
   Filters > Map > Bump map
9) With these three layers, slide them around and change their opacity until desired dropshadow appears in the picture, then merge down and flatten.

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