Sunday, January 4, 2009

wine - details

Wine installs no problem with netpkg in Zenwalk, but the latest version has a tweak or two with opening a browser from whatever application is running in Wine.

The first step, found here suggested adding this entry to ~/.wine/user.reg:
[Software\\Wine\\WineBrowser] 1178036531
The number "1178036531" will not be the same for each installation. The first seven digits are uniform throughout a wine installation, and I duplicated the three trailing numbers of the entry from [Software\\Wine\\MSHTML].

The second step, discovered here, notes that a symbol must be added to each line with winebrowser.exe in ~/.wine/system.reg:
@="C:\\windows\\system32\\winebrowser.exe -nohome"
would be changed to
@="C:\\windows\\system32\\winebrowser.exe -nohome %1"
Following these two tweaks, Firefox opened without error when called from Wine applications.

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