Monday, November 24, 2008

voip - skype, others

Typically, I'm using Skype, and here's how I set it up.

1. Check the dependency requirements at the skype site and install them from netpkg or installpkg. I get the static tar.gz from the site.
2. Untar the package. The executable is included; all the junk just needs to be copied to proper directories.
3. I don't run Skype as root, but it's necessary to sudo or root to make some folders and place some files into the proper directories.
# mkdir /usr/share/skype
# cp -a sounds langs avatars /usr/share/skype
# cp skype (the bin) /usr/bin
# cp skype.desktop /usr/share/desktop
$ mkdir /home/[username]/.Skype
$ cp skype.conf ~/.Skype/

other voip

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