Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Slackware 12.0 - SiS190 eth0 module

Links: sis191 instructions


I connect a hard-wire Cat5 cable from my box (integrated SiS190 NIC) to a known-good Cisco router. Dhcpcd times-out and assigns a default IPV4LL address, eg The network is unreachable. Is it the cable, the router, the NIC, router firmware, OS software?

Unfortunately for my weekend, several hours pass narrowing the options. Eventually, it appears the insertable module for the NIC is from 5/2007 and does nothing. Isn't that nice? The process is explained relatively well here.

Kernel recompiling was required. Since I had no Net on this box, I had to download kernel source on another box and sneaker-net it to the box with SiS191.

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